NLRs for rapeseed

NLR (NOD-like receptor) genes belong to one of the largest gene families in plants. Their role in plants' resistance to pathogens has been clearly described for many members of this gene family, and dysregulation or overexpression of some of these genes has been shown to induce an autoimmunity state that strongly affects plant growth and yield.

NLRs to search:

  Species Genes Domains Architecture Collapsed_Arch Subclass Combined_Subclasses
  Gangan BnaA01G0023300GG PF01582 PF00931 PF07725 TIR,NB,LRR TIR,NB,LRR TNL TNL
  Gangan BnaA01G0023400GG PF00931 PF01582 PF01582 PF07725 NB,TIR,TIR,LRR NB,TIR,LRR TNL TNL
  Gangan BnaA01G0045100GG PF05659 PF00931 RPW8,NB RPW8,NB RN R(C)N
  Gangan BnaA01G0094600GG PF01582 PF01582 TIR,TIR TIR T T(L)
  Gangan BnaA01G0096100GG PF00931 NB NB N N
  Gangan BnaA01G0096200GG PF00931 NB NB N N
  Gangan BnaA01G0099500GG PF07725 PF01582 PF00931 PF00642 LRR,TIR,NB,PF00642 LRR,TIR,NB,PF00642 TNLX T(N,L)X
  Gangan BnaA01G0127700GG PF01582 TIR TIR T T(L)
  Gangan BnaA01G0151600GG Coil PF13855 PF00931 Coil,LRR,NB Coil,LRR,NB CNL CNL
  Gangan BnaA01G0161200GG Coil PF00931 Coil,NB Coil,NB CN CN