Gene Index

Gene Index of B. napus genomes. For convenience of gene comparison among different rapeseed lines and retrieval of genes of interest, we constructed a unique gene index in the above nine B. napus genomes. Figure shows an example of the gene index HUBnaA01G0071 in ZS11 and the other eight genomes. The exon-intron structure of HUBnaA01G0071 is conserved in all nine genomes. In the gene indices, 35.5-55.9% of ZS11 genes are identical to genes in the other eight genomes, while 36.7-58.3%, 1.2-2.1% and <0.06% have high identity (> 80%), medium identity (50-80%), and low identity (< 50%) to genes in the other eight genomes, respectively.

Gene Index to search:

Example: BnaA10G0244800ZS,   HUBnaA01G00014000,   BnaA10G0238800GG